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"Meet me at the Regal Beagle"
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The swinging bar that Jack and company often frequented was a second home to them. There, they could relax and always have a few laughs. We got to know a few dedicated bartenders over the years. Jim, played by Paul Ainsley, took the first shift during seasons one through five. He later went on to guest-star in Wings and Babylon 5. Brad Blaisdell, acting as bartender Mike, tops-off seasons six through eight.
beer.jpg (12625 bytes)A guest bartender, Bob, played by Brad Maule, (Tony Jones on General Hospital) catches Janet's eye in the episode, "Dates of Wrath." Janet is hopeful the new bartender will ask her out so she has Terri accompany her to the Regal Beagle. Only, Bob ends up asking Terri out instead and Janet becomes upset. Jack tries to calm the situation and while he is distracted, his date leaves him and takes off with Bob.

Interesting fact - those drinks the bartenders served weren't actually wine or beer, more often it was a non-alcoholic beverage consisting of flat 7-up with a splash of coke. Tasty...

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Isn't that Mrs. Roper over there playing darts in the corner!


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