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  A surprise visit by the battling Ropers turns into a romantic triangle when lusty Helen seeks solace from Jack and Janet and lands in the arms of Ralph Furley.
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John RitterJack Tripper
Joyce DewittJanet Wood
Don KnottsRalph Furley
Jenilee HarrisonCindy Snow
Special Guest Stars:
Norman FellStanley Roper
Audra LindleyHelen Roper
Executive Producers:Michael Ross
Bernie West
Budd Grossman
Produced By:George Burditt
George Sunga
Directed By:Dave Powers
Written By:George Burditt
Executives in Charge:
of Production:
Ted Bergman
Donald Taffner
  Synopsis: A miffed Helen Roper visits her old upstairs tenants, Jack and Janet, after leaving Stanley because he nixed her plans for an intimate celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary in favor of a bowling banquet. Since Mr. Furley is out of town, Cindy suggests that Helen spend the night in his empty apartment Janet seconds the notion, thinking Helen's absence will make Stanley more eager to patch things up. While Helen is sleeping, a repentant Stanley arrives, searching for his missing wife. At Jack's urging, he decides to join Helen in Furley's apartment to apologize but first insists on a drink. And as Stanley downs a few shots of courage, little does he know that one floor below, Ralph Furley; home early from his weekend has just crawled under the covers of no-longer-empty, bed.
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