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  Episode 66 THE LOVE BARGE
  Jack's chance to join an ocean cruise as assistant chef cooks up sizzling comedy when Janet and Chrissy fight to see who'll join him.
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John RitterJack Tripper
Joyce DeWittJanet Wood
Suzanne SomersChrissy Snow
Ann WedgeworthLana
Don KnottsRalph Furley
Bob HastingsJohn Callan
Executive Producers:Don Nicholl
Michael Ross
Bernie West
Produced By:Bill Richmon
Gene Perret
Directed By:Dave Powers
Written By:Bill Richmond
Gene Perret
Executives in Charge:
of Production:
Ted Bergman
Donald Taffner
  Synopsis: Jack gets a part time job as assistant chef on a luxury week-long cruise and he can take one guest. The girls almost stop speaking to each other over who will get to go. Lana finally makes them realize that it's not worth ruining their friendship over and then decides that she should go. Jack doesn't want to go with Lana so he sends Ralph instead. Ralph gets hopelessly seasick and Lana is very angry.
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