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  Episode 44 ELEANOR' S RETURN
  Jack believes Janet and Chrissy are going to oust him from the apartment when their former roommate suddenly shows up.
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John RitterJack Tripper
Joyce DeWittJanet Wood
Suzanne SomersChrissy Snow
Norman FellStanley Roper
Audra LindleyHelen Roper
Richard Klineas Larry
Marianne BlackEleanor
Executive Producers:Don Nicholl
Michael Ross
Bernie West
Produced By:Roger Skulman
John Baskin
Directed By:Dave Powers
Written By:Roger Shulman
John Baskin
Executives in Charge:
of Production:
Ted Bergman
Donald Taffner
  Synopsis: When Chrissy and Janet's former roommate Eleanor, returns to Los Angeles and comes to stay with the girls, Jack is convinced by Larry that his place is being usurped. In an attempt to ruin a party the girls have planned, supposedly for Eleanor, Jack serves a cake he made from sawdust. The party is really a surprise to celebrate Jack's passing his chef's training exams. Eleanor, it turns out, is only visiting on her way to her new home in San Diego.
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