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  Episode 35 THE FAST
  Jack gets caught in an exasperating willpower contest with Chrissy to determine whether he can give up women for longer than she can give up food.
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John RitterJack Tripper
Joyce DeWittJanet Wood
Suzanne SomersChrissy Snow
Audra LindleyHelen Roper
Norman FellStanley Roper
Angel TompkinsGrace Thompson
Executive Producers:Don Nicholl
Michael Ross
Bernie West
Produced By:Roger Skulman
John Baskin
Directed By:Dave Powers
Story By:Thomas E. Szollosi
Richard Christian Matheson
Teleplay By:Al Gordon
Jack Mendelsohn
Executives in Charge:
of Production:
Ted Bergman
Donald Taffner
  Synopsis: Janet challenges Jack and Chrissy to a "battle of the sexes." Can Chrissy go without food longer than Jack can go without women? Poor Chrissy, a habitual nibbler has faint hopes of being able to hold out long enough to win the bet, but Janet, who is involved in the wager, has a secret weapon. She knows - but has not told Jack yet - that his very attractive girlfriend, Grace, is in town and waiting for him at her hotel.
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